The Village Options Survey

The Village Options Survey sent out by the Clerk for L.C.C.

This caused some confusion due to the way in which it was carried out. The options that the villagers were asked to vote on were:

  • Option 1:  No new build to take place
  • Option 2:  New build on the leasehold area drawn up in 1978
  • Option 3:  New build on the 1978 leasehold area and additional land which would include having to exchange land with F.I.T.

At the December 2020 meeting of L.C.C. the following transpired:

Option 3 obtained the most votes. However, because the L.C.C. had misgivings about exchanging any land, the Village Hall Committee decided to offer a compromise solution and accept Option 2 (which had had the second most votes).  The L.C.C. committee agreed that they would give permission for this to go ahead.

However, on returning to work after furlough, Fields In Trust notified the Village Hall Committee that the extra leasehold land that the Village Hall had registered in 1978 was part of the original covenant with the National Playing Fields Association, and therefore could not be built on, unless it was agreed by L.C.C. to exchange some other land in the village for this land. 

An area at Black Tar, currently under the guardianship of LCC and Pembrokeshire Council as it is common land, can fulfil this requirement. This will mean that the land at Black Tar will have the additional protection of a National Charity as its guardian instead of L.C.C.

Action required:  Because of the situation explained above, it is now necessary for L.C.C. to vote again (which they are able to do as 6months have passed) on the need to exchange the 1978 agreed Leasehold area of land with land for F.I.T. 

The Village Hall Committee hope that the L.C.C. will feel secure in their new found  knowledge of the dimensions of the Leasehold & Registered Village Hall land, and  pass this proposal at their meeting in October 2021, so that work on the new Village Hall can proceed without further delay.