History since 1978

A bit of background! History since 1978 of the total land leased to the Village Hall

In the Village Hall Committee Minutes prior to the building of the hall, it is written that the reason behind the inclusion of additional leasehold land around the building was to be able to extend the building in the future.

The Village Hall Trust Deed, drawn up in 1978, when the current Village Hall was built, is the basis for its registration as a charity with the Charity Commission, which was also completed in 1978.

This Trust Deed has a scaled plan which shows the extent of land held under our lease (aka Trust Deed) which includes the footprint of the current Village and the leasehold land.

At the same time the land was vested in the Official Custodian (under the Charity Commission) in order to protect the land, and was registered with the Land Registry (with the same purpose in mind). 

However, the additional Village Hall leasehold land is included in the land covered by the Covenant originally set up by the National Playing Fields Association – now Fields in Trust ( F.I.T.) which covers the entire area of Pill Parks except the footprint of the current Village Hall.

Perhaps the original committee who set up the Trust Deed might have known this in 1978, but this knowledge didn’t come to light until we began our project of building a new Village Hall. 

So for us to extend into this space, the exchange of land has to take place, to which L.C.C. have to agree.

Note 1: Re the Land Registry – none of Pill Parks was ever registered with the Land Registry, and this is being completed at the moment so that Tirion’s Rainbow can have a lease. The only bit registered is our leasehold area & footprint which was completed in 2010 (see above).

Pill Parks field should have been registered with the Land Registry by LCC on purchase.

Note 2: In 2010, following legal advice, part of the Trust Deed was altered to accommodate changes in the named trustees e.g. some of the trustees were deceased and there were two trustees nominated from the former Preseli Pembrokeshire District Council – this was changed to just one.