How will it be Funded?

How will it be Funded?

We are applying for funding from two sources: 

  • Public Grants and Private Trusts
  • Local Fundraising activity

Grant Applications have already been made to the National Lottery and the Welsh Government. We have been accepted in the first stage of the Welsh Government grant, and are reapplying for the first stage of the National Lottery grant. These are the only two funders at present who can allocate us a large enough grant to get the project off the ground. Smaller funders will come in later.

In the June edition of LLANGWMFUTURE we hope to launch a local fundraising initiative.

Our aim is to rekindle the community spirit that prevailed in our village 50 years ago. If we can all join ranks once again and work together constructively and positively as was done in the 1970’s anything and everything is possible.

A NEW VILLAGE HALL will transform the lives of us all for the good. For over a year and because of COVID 19 we have all experienced very difficult times. There is now a real glimmer of hope in sight – together we can build a NEW VILLAGE HALL to be proud of.

Let us once again uphold the Llangwm tradition of punching above our weight.