Community Asset Fund


Join the Community Asset Fund and you can also win monthly cash prizes whilst supporting your community. 

Ann Maria Thomas is your local contact person and the Asedion Project Coordinator is Jason Retter


The Community Asset Fund is a regional lottery scheme who work closely with local people in their communities

We help support local community projects and organisations by raising money through the regional lottery scheme

Members are asked to complete a standing order form and a contact form

We ask for a one-off £6.00 membership fee followed by monthly standing orders of £5.00 taken on the first of each month.

  • 50% of the money raised will go to Llangwm Village Hall
  • 35% will be put into the prize pot for lottery draws
  • 15% enables the Community Asset Fund to support other communities

Asedion, the Community Asset Fund is based at:

The Old School
SA67 7DU

01834 860965