Colour Works


The rationale behind our new logo takes into account the glory years of Llangwm Rugby – a fine example of this village punching above its weight.  Gold medal winners, Cup and League stalwarts in their heyday, Llangwm RFC defied their humble roots and rose triumphant.

The Llangwm Rugby strip is the well known black and amber, with a history in the early days of red shirts, then blue and black.

As a tribute to the heights which a small village can achieve over the years, these colours are used in the Project Logo – red, blue, black and amber.

Nowadays, as well as our village being one of the smallest to support so many rugby & cricket players, the achievements are also community & culture based, with among others, the Literary Festival and the Village Opera (which won a major U.K. award for Remembrance events).

Let us hope the past inspires an even greater future